Vindaloo Curry Paste

Shiba’s has created her own versions of Vindaloo Curry Paste. This Curry Paste origin is traced to the signature dish. inspired by Portugese, from Goa Island. Mix Shiba’s Vindaloo Curry Sauce with meat for a tasty home cooked meal: Vegetarian and non Vegetarian. Rich and aromatic, lightly spiced Vindaloo is extremely popular to make pork and lamb. Our version of Vindaloo Curry Paste is very dense and a quarter pound of curry paste will prepare 4-6 lbs of products easily. Our vindaloo is prepared from fresh ingredients mostly from our back yard whenever possible including freshly toasted and grounded Shiba’s spices added with distinct quality of vinegar for excellent taste. Dishes cooked with Vindaloo Paste is simply incredible and absolutely appealing.
Net Weight 4 oz.


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