Tikka Masala

Tikka means pieces, and Masala means a mixture of spices. It is Shiba’s special blend of most flavorful and aromatic spices that has ‘sweet’ warm and cool natured properties mixed with vegetables thus making a brilliant curry paste that can be used to cook dry pieces of any meat or vegetable or gravy dishes. This wonderfully distinct rich, authentic Shiba’s Tikka Masala Paste helps to prepare the most well known recipe in the west and most widely prepared sub-Indian food. Shiba’s one of the favorite tikka masala is made after dry roasting of whole spices and powdered later to capture the fragrance and taste. Shiba’s fantastic and delicious combination of masala is great to grill, marinate, bake, broil, fry, and prepare fusion food with this traditional Indian dish. To prepare any tikka food just mix Shiba’s Tikka Maasla Curry Paste with other ingredients (may add tomato, coconut milk or yogurt as desired); let the food cook and you are done. Simply easy and tastes great.
Net Weight 4 oz.


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