Sweet Spice 1 oz. Packet


Shiba’s Sweet Spice is a gourmet quality, aromatic and pungent mixture of only warm-natured spices that can be used in all salty dishes and in sweet dish preparation. This spice adds a kick and is also excellent to use in oatmeal, yogurt, milk, cereal, cookies, puddings, and other sweet dishes and believed to create a sense of happiness and well being. Shiba’s sweet spice can be added to all curry cooking including meat, vegetable, soups, rice and in all products that salty in nature and sweet dishes. This spice jazzes up the taste of meat products, therefore recommended to add at least ½ teaspoonful of Sweet Spice when 1 tablespoonful of curry powder is used. A very small quantity adds a delightful taste to your food because the flavor can be overwhelming in large amounts. Each dish will react to the special unique blend of spices that complements the cooked product and highlight its texture, taste and arom
1 oz. packet.

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