Mixed Vegetable Pickle


Just tastes great & also is also excellent for health. Naturally fermented pickles are full of great stuff like B vitamins and good, healthy pro-biotic bacteria. Enjoy the naturally lactic acid fermented Mixed Vegetable Pickle made of diakon, carrot, cauliflower, jalapeño, ginger, garlic, turmeric, mustard seeds, lemon and Shiba’s selected herbs and spices submerged in the brine. Pickle is an ideal condiment, perfectly aged through natural fermentation process, to all Curry dishes: salad, sandwich, with main meal, hamburger, seafood, egg salad and other types of such salads. This pickle is perfect for Thrill ride for pro-biotic feast. Fermented pickle helps with digestion and increase the amount of nutrients you can absorb from what you eat.
Net Weight 9 oz.

$8.00 $6.00

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