Mango Chutney

Shiba created Popping Seeds fused Mango Chutney can be easily distinguished and differentiated in a blindfold taste. Made from exotic king of fruit, under ripe Mango mixed with the taste and texture of pure cane Brown Sugar, and Shiba’s original spices. Shiba’s Mango Chutney is a must have chutney throughout the year for every occasion. Extremely refreshing, exquisitely balanced taste, vibrant color, lovely spicy kick rejuvenates our taste buds with its mouth watering effect. This popular accompaniment is one of the most ubiquitous additions to the plate that emits spurt of flavors and compliments every curry meal. Shiba’s Mango chutney is perfect with sandwich, cold meats, cheeses, cook lamb or chicken dishes, rice or noodles, vegetables and in almost everything we cook.
Net Weight 8 oz.


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