Leaf Curry Paste

Curry leaf is a plant leaf that has the flavor and taste of Curry Powder. It is widely used in Southern India to prepare many dishes. Shiba has created this new type of curry paste that is one of a kind in the world market. Curry Leaf Curry Paste is made delicately with the superb fresh mixture of toasted, then grounded and combined with the main ingredient: Green Curry Leaf. This Curry Paste’s secret is the blend of luscious flavor of fresh ingredients that presents an entirely different joyful flavor, crisp and heart-warming touch. Addition coconut milk or yogurt gives a perfect lift to prepare samber, meat, egg, rice, potato salad or other similar salads, sandwich spread, meat balls, pizza sauce, boodles, tacos, soup enhancer, almost in all foods. It truly combs the food flavor to a desired level. Enjoy one.
Net Weight 4 oz.


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