Korma Curry Paste

Korma is a Mughalai cuisine prepared by braising meat or vegetables with water, stock, and yogurt or creamy Korma Curry Paste. Korma’s spice ingredient is made from freshly toasted and grounded combination of spices, later made into a thick, cream-based sauce or gravy curry paste with the addition of fresh vegetable. Shiba’s Korma is mildly spiced for everyday cooking. In general terms, its use in special celebration indicates its status as a prestige dish. It is known as Shahi, that is, Royal. Korma is also used extensively to prepare very popular Navratan Korma, a vegetarian dish, with nine high quality vegetables and nuts. Korma is one of our family’s favorite recipes and this thickened curry paste will prepare more product and put smile at the dining table.
Net Weight 4 oz.


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