Curry Paste

An original combination created by Shiba made from exquisite mixture of different cool-natured and warm spices in perfect harmony. Our concentrated 1 teaspoonful paste would flavor a pound of meat products. This fantastic hand packed paste reacts and invokes different flavors to different types of vegetables or varied assortment of meat or seafood. Enjoy this perfect blend for all cooking to make your delicious dishes for your family and friends. Shiba’s Grand Curry Paste is great in soups, making sauces, marinades, stews, meatloaf, burgers, tuna, potato salad and other similar salads, tuna, meat, chicken, seafood, pasta and any other products or dishes desired. Grand Curry Paste carries maximum fringe health benefits along with producing flavorful foods. Each ingredients of Shiba’s Curry Paste has its intrinsic natural healing authority and above all curcumin present in turmeric, an ingredient grand curry paste, has been linked to anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-Alzheimer and anti-oxidant properties.
Net Weight 4 oz.


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