Curry Paste

Shiba’s assortments of Curry Pastes articulate taste, flavor and aroma. All of them are carefully hand-made and hand-packed that represent hearty, healthy, tasty and satisfying. Our concentrated curry pastes are made in such a way that the food tastes great no matter how you prepare the foods and are very economical. Just reading our label attests purity of the ingredients we use and what is packed in each individual bottle. Curry Pastes are flavored maximum through slow cooking process and packed fresh for your daily use. Great things come in small packages; so also 4 oz. of curry paste will cook 6-8lbs of vegetables or 4-6lbs of meat products easily. Even a novice cook as yong as eight year will be able to cook the same quality dishes a trained chef may produce. Pick up one of our Curry Pastes….you will have a great home-cooked Curry Meal. Enjoy! you just prepared the best dish. It is guaranteed you never fail with Shiba’s brand of curry pastes. Michele writes, “Your products are so easy to use! It’s like we all have a substitute Mom from India teaching us how to make great food!”

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